New Video Series – What Product is it Anyway?

October 13th, 2010 by

We came up with an idea a few weeks ago about a fun way to promote promotional products. So, we decided to create a video series called “What Product is it Anyway?”

The rules we established were as follows:

1. The video had to be shot and edited within an afternoon.

2. We had to do it ourselves (more company participation = more fun).

3. We wanted to create a viral effect via social media and reward people for guessing correctly.

So … sit back, enjoy and try to guess what product is featured in the video below. Tweet your guess to @RIGHTSLEEVE or post to our Facebook Wall and we will send you a free RIGHTSLEEVE gift and instructions on a chance to win $500 off your next order (yes, $500 – that’s a lot of swag)!

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